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Welcome to our Online Horse Racing guide. If horse betting is your cup of tea then you have found a valueable resource here at IGG. Although this section is a work in progress, when all is said and done we hope to provide our visitors with an invaluable resource guide for horse racing that will include a how to bet on horses tips & strategy guide, the latest horse racing news and much more. We hope you find a home at IGG.

About Horse Betting Online

Horseracing is one of the oldest forms of gambling and remains one of the most exciting places to visit and kill a little time. Even if you don't know anything about horse racing, you can still find yourself having a great time watching these magnificent animals glide around the track with grace. And by betting on a horse you like or have a feel for it makes it all the more exciting.

There are two different types of horse racing. The first is Harness racing which has been around since the the ancient greek olympics and the jockey is pulled behind the horse in little buggy. Harness racing has actually become more popular than Thoroughbred racing which has the jockey mounted on the horse. Both are extremely popular in the horse betting world and offer great excitment for those of us who like to bet on horses.

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