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Frank's Cards on the Table. Why it's a good deal to regulate poker

Representative Barney Frank of Massachusettes has taken a strong stand against prohibiting online gambling. He states that this ban causes players to go underground to find obscure ways to finance their online gambling activities. Those that support the ban, feel that it is necessary to prevent underage gambling as well as irresponsible gambling. Frank claims that trying to monetor online casino gambling takes focus away from issues of terrorists.

Frank is suggesting a different solution. He hopes in the future to create a licensing and regulating method that will provide new, inovative tools to verify age. At the present time, some of these larger operators are trying these, and are able to keep kids off online poker gambling sites. Frank points out the over 80 countries, including the UK, are showing a successful handling of this problem.

Another issue Frank reports would be a benefit of revenue. Research indicates that the US could raise more than than $4 billion in federal and state revenues if the US would choose to properly regulate and tax internet poker. Frank refers back to his own experiences in college when he played poker, as well as on election nights. He feels the internet provides a method of socializing and skill matching for gaming. Frank vehemently submits that online poker is an American pastime and game of true skill and should be available online for the millions who enjoy responsible gaming.

A large organization, The Poker Players Alliance, numbers over 425,000, takes their hats off to Congresssman Frank for his committment to defend our individual liberties, and to take on such a controversial issue. They agree that only meaningful regulation of online poker gambling, such as the Frank plan, will bring about solutions for positive outcomes for poker players, children, the economy, the taxpayer, and society.