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Welcome to our online gambling site. Our goal is simple, to provide a valuable resource to help players improve their gambling skills so you can have the best shot of coming out a winner and collecting some cheese. Knowlege is key here, so we intend on providing just that in every aspect of online gambling so players can have the tools necessary to become a consistent winning player.
Online Gambling Tip
If your playing blackjack and have a 12 against a dealers deuce, the proper play is to hit. It's kind of funny that the novice blackjack player actually plays this hand correctly more often than seasoned blackjack players because their natural instinct is to hit since they are still so far away from 21. Making the correct plays in all aspects of gambling increases your odds significantly to become a winning player.

Best Online Gambling Sites

  • Lucky Red Casino
    Lucky Red is in a league of their own when it comes to online gambling. They are one of the few that offer same day payouts and they just run an excellent casino and give players a good gambling experience.
  • Vegas Casino Online Gambling Site
    This casino is part of a trusted group who manages 4 online casinos. While they don't offer the largest gambling bonuses they more than make up for it with fast payouts and guaranteed credit card processing.

About Online Gambling

Welcome to our online gambling players guide. Our online gambling directory features all kinds of information about online casinos, poker rooms, sports books, bingo halls such as bonus offers, online gambling reviews, latest news, strategy and much more.

I gamble online myself, and I know what players are looking for. I will not steer you wrong and I will not promote anything but the best online gambling sites to my visitors. I have been stiffed a few times myself, and I hope you will appreciate the effort I am going to put forth in bringing you only the best 5 star gambling sites online.

Our online gambling site is geared to show our visitors how to have the best of it in just about everything you bet on. If your a poker player, you would have the nuts in the game, if you bet on sports then your the smart money, or if your an online casino player your hitting on that 12 against the dealers deuce. If you gamble online then your already behind the eight ball, so the idea is to give yourself the best shot of coming out ahead anytime you lay down a bet. So buckle up, it's time to bust these online gambling sites. Roll with me and see what it's like to collect the cheese when gambling online.

Online Gambling Articles

How To Gamble Online - Offers a basic guide into the world of online gambling.

Online Gambling Tips - 10 tips to online gambling.

Benefits For Betting Online

There are so many different reasons players choose to gamble online compared to betting with based casinos. Here are just a few reasons players choose to bet on the internet:

Online Casinos

Betting Bonuses: For starters, almost every online casino offers a sign up bonus for new players on their first deposit. Now you show me a land based casino that will match your first $100 bet on the blackjack table with another $100 casino bonus free. This enables players to start out in the black and to test the online casino gambling site out without much risk.

Accessibility: You can play from the comfort of your own home and don't need to drive 200 miles to your local brick and mortar casino.

Better Odds: Online casinos offer better odds and payout ratios on their casino games compared to land based casinos. This in itself pushes the smart players to prefer online gambling over smoky land based casinos. Online Casino Gambling

Online Poker

Bonus: Again players are welcomed to the online poker room with a match bonus on their first deposit and most offer huge signup poker bonuses up to $1,000 on some sites.

Big Tournament Payouts: Players also have a shot at some huge prize pools by playing at an online poker gambling site compared to their local game. As a matter of fact my friend Don keeps calling me every weekend wondering why I don't show up to the local $10 No Limit game. I keep telling him I am playing in the weekly $1 Million guaranteed tournament at Full Tilt Poker and I am playing with the pros such as Phil Ivey, Cris Ferguson and the list goes on. Now you tell me which game you would be at ?.

Fish & Donk Heaven: By playing online poker players can shop around at the various sites and various tables until they find the donkies or fish that are dead money. You don't exactly have this option at a local home game with the same 7 people there every week. There is big time money to be made by playing poker online and if a player takes it seriously he/she can make $10K a month easy assuming they are a fairly decent player. Read our online poker reviews for more info. Online Poker Gambling

Online Sports

Betting Bonuses & Perks: New players get big sportsbook bonuses on their first deposit. They are also spoiled with a 10% reload bonus with most sports gambling sites online. Now you show me a local bookie that will give you this kind of free bonus money. In addition there are many other perks such as reduced juice lines, big time pickem contests, cash back on net losses 3 times a year and the list goes on. The bottom line here is you are literally a blooming idiot if you are still betting with your local bookie instead of online sports betting. Read our detailed sportsbook reviews to find out what each internet sports betting site offers. Online Sports Gambling