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When it comes to Online Gambling Tips, there is a lot of information floating around, claiming to be 'the answer' for you in online gambling.  While some of it is legitimately valuable, there is a lot of bogus non-sense out there too.  In our endeavor to be your one stop gambling shop, we have worked very hard to create a useful resource in our online gambling guide, and have compiled some Gambling Tips to help you stay on track and enjoy a rewarding, responsible, and hopefully very profitable online gaming experience.  Instead of you having to chase after strategy development like Frodo chased the Ring of Mordor, we've turned your quest into a search for the Holy Grail, the Holy Gambling Grail that is.

Keys To The Holy Gambling Grail Of Truth

1.  Thou shalt NEVER bet thine college fund, mortgage payment, or other already claimed coin.  Those subjects who wager money which they cannot afford to loose are doomed for destruction.  While this may appear to be common sense, too many gamblers take the chance, just sure that they will win, and end up loosing funds that are critical to them and/or their family and find that they only have more problems instead of lots of free money. If self control is an issue for you, never have your credit card within reach.

2.  Thou shall set realistic goals when embarking on thine online gambling quest.  Clicking your way to your favorite online casinos, while not preparing your report for the meeting at work tomorrow because you're expecting to win that slots jackpot and quit your job would be an example of an 'unrealistic' goal.  Playing poker games, such as Texas holdem, just to get the bad beat bonus is not a worthwhile endgame.  Thou shalt not do this!!  A more realistic goal for any loyal subject would be to determine your playing budget ahead of time, play to win, making reasonable wagers, and quit when you are ahead.  Remember......slow and steady wins the race!!  Closely following 'Key #1" in our 10 Tips To Online Gambling will ensure that the realistic goals you determine for thine self will not put thou into financial ruin, even if lady luck does not show her lovely face during thine gaming sessions. 

3.  Thou shalt not fall prey to betting systems.  While betting system supporters claim that these systems are the key to winning and the ultimate Gambling Tips, more often than not they turn out to be of no value at all.  The times where they seem to actually work are probably just coincidence, and any associated wins could just as well be attributed to luck itself.  Believing too strongly in one of the betting systems being promoted throughout the online gambling community will drive you to make unwise decisions and moves.  Thou can implement one if thou so chooseth, however don't allow the system to make all of your decisions.  Thou hath been given a sound mind, be sure to use it!!

4.  Thou shall read the fine print.  Each online casino, poker room, sportsbook, and bingo hall has their own set of rules and regulations concerning different aspects of online gambling, including bonus offers, and bonus eligibility rules when it comes to blackjack, craps, roulette, and video poker.  Be sure to always, always, always, read the terms and conditions, and any rules listed on the site at which thou is playing.  It would be a sad moment indeed to realize that you won't be cashing out those bonus winnings after all because you didn't take the time to read the terms and conditions regarding wagering requirements.  An informed loyal subject is a happy loyal subject. 

5.  Thou shall always exhibit proper gambling etiquette.  Just as with any venue of entertainment in life, online gambling has specific etiquette which should be adhered too.  Maintaining proper etiquette when engaged in online gambling makes the action more fun for everyone involved.  Most of it is rooted in common sense behavior of respect, courtesy, and humility, particularly in multi-player games such as poker games, chat games, or bingo games. 

6.  Thou shall always have a second opinion before selecting an online gambling site at which to gamble at.  A trusted online resource guide such as will provide you with reviews and information on trusted, reputable, and upstanding online gambling sites which have endured rigorous analysis and testing to make it onto our list of elite gambling sites.  Those loyal subjects and courageous knights who are brave enough to face the odds understand that going into battle with all relevant information on a trusted landscape can ensure a victory!! 

7.  Thou shalt not be swayed by search engine results.  It is important to understand that just because an online casino, poker room, sportsbook, or bingo hall ranks well with the search engines and shows up in the top 10 search results does not make them an ethical, secure, or well established gambling site.  It simply means that their marketing department is very savvy with their techniques, it says nothing about how they operate their business.  Our online gambling guide on the other hand is based on personally having visited, played at, and reviewed each of the online gambling sites featured, and regardless of how effective their marketing team may or may not be, we've got the results that really matter.

8.  Thou shalt not place hedge bets or side bets in one's quest to become a winner.  These bets often turn out to be sucker bets, and usually drain your funds rather than increase them.  It is a safer move to resist the appeal to purchase insurance or place bets on the side.

9.  Thou shall understand that mathematics are more reliable than lady luck.  It is safe to say that a firm understanding of gambling odds, and how the probabilities and percentages play into the schematics will do more for the progress of your game than wearing your lucky tie, blowing on your keyboard, or any other 'lucky' superstition that you favor.  Gambling and luck are closely related, however having a solid grasp on the odds of the game you are playing will allow thou to make wise decisions and better moves. 

10.  Thou shall have fun!!  A brave gambling knight's most precious commodity is his happiness.  Do not trade the precious gem of happiness for a dagger of sorrow by forgetting that online gambling is entertainment, and hence should be a lot of fun.  When the fun fades, its time to take a break, step back, and examine thine experience and gaming history to check and balance your motives, strategy, and money management.  Doing this on a regular basis will ensure that thou sticketh to thine pre-determined goals and budget. When you're really having fun, you'll find it easy to compare your online gaming to a visit to the Vegas Strip. 

These priceless keys to the Holy Gambling Grail can serve as the base Online Gambling Tips that take you from minuscule court jester to a high rolling royal noble.  Patience, discipline, and wisdom are the keys to keeping online gambling fun, rewarding, and profitable.  Should thou loose thine way on the online gambling path, always, always, always, return to the directives of the keys of the Holy Gambling Grail.  They will be a light unto your path, and padding unto thy wallet.