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Mobile Betting Guide

The internet is really the coolest thing since sliced bread isn't it? Not only can we enjoy online gambling from the comfort of our own homes without having to drive 100 plus miles to a casino, but now we have mobile betting software that allows us to play our favorite casino games right from our mobile phone. Gamblers also have the option to bet on sports and play poker right from your cell phone using a java platform or pda applications.

The concept of wireless wagering has been around for years, but the technology developed in the past few years has finally brought mobile betting mainstream to the world. The ability to have real time sports betting lines allows players to bet accordingly when they are away from their computer. It also gives players an oppurtunity to play mobile casino games whenever they choose right from their cell phone.

There are many trusted online gambling sites today that offer wireless cell phone wagering and experts expect this niche of online betting to grow to almost $17 billion by 2011. It's just a real luxury to be able to stay in touch with your offshore sportsbook via wireless wagering.

Getting Started With Mobile Gambling

Getting started for mobile betting is really a breeze and with a few simple clicks of the mouse you can get your mobile cell phone set up, however you will need to familiarize yourself with the platform and will go through a little trial and error before you feel completely comfortable.

Tips To Get You Started For Mobile Betting

1: You must manually insert the address of the wireless betting site and then login with your username and password. Do yourself a favor and save the url to your favorites in the phone browser.

2: Keep your password short and sweet for the simple fact that typing in long usernames and passwords on your phone can become difficult.

3: When your ready to place a bet on your mobile phone, do so in the shade or out of the sun light. You certainly want to make sure your typing in the right information for the bet and its important for you to see the screen clearly.

4: Make sure you have a strong signal when placing wagers on your cell phone. It is not recommended to do so while traveling in a vehicle or walking.

Mobile Casinos

Bovada Casino is setill developing their mobile casino, as are most of the trusted online gambling brands, but their mobile sportsbook is available for use already! Visit Bovada Mobile Betting.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile Poker Sites

We are in the process of obtaining information on the most trsuted, respected, and over the top thrilling mobile poker sites in the business. Check back soon for our featured mobile poker sites.

Mobile Poker Sites

Mobile Sportsbooks

DSI offers mobile sports wagering or racebook wagering right from your cell phone so you can bet anytime or anywhere you choose. They are one of the most trusted and respected online sportsbooks around offering mobile sports betting. Visit DSI Mobile Sportsbook.

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