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There are millions of people that watch Nextel Cup races every single Sunday but have never thought about putting money on their favorite driver. Little do people know that just about every online sportsbook allows you several opportunities to bet on Nascar. Online sportsbooks are taking the everyday Nascar pools that many people personally do on a regular basis to a whole new level. It does take a knowledgeable Nascar fan to be able to pull off big wins when you bet on Nascar but there is usually plenty of Value to be found. There is always around 10 drivers that have a legitimate shot of winning each race. The trick is picking which one.

How To Bet On Nascar Races

There are several different kinds of ways to bet on Nascar and they each offer something different. If you feel strongly enough about a certain driver for a race then you can make some serious cash or lose a little to that last lap crash. Below are a few of the different options that are offered at online sportsbooks for those that want to bet on Nascar.

Pick Winner - This is exactly what it sounds like. You can usually get some great odds by choosing this bet but it is obviously the toughest to hit. The odds for Pick Winner vary greatly depending on the driver and the track. The odds range from about +400 to +8000. You get the best odds for this bet before Qualifying for the race begins but it can be quite a bit more risky. The odds are still great if you hit no matter when you place your bet.

Versus Or Group - This is a very popular way to bet on Nascar and you can usually find a group or two that you want to bet on. You will see a group of anywhere from 2 drivers to 5 drivers and you get odds for each driver to finish ahead of the others in that group. These bets are not usually available until after qualifying for the race is over.

Highest Finishing Driver Of A Make - This can be a fun bet for those of you that are die hard Ford or Chevrolet fans and only like drivers of a certain make. I just check before each race and see if there is a particular driver I like with good odds. This bet is easier said then done but also offers some great odds. You are not able to place money on this until after qualifying is over.

Most online sportsbooks have all of these types of bets and others. If you do the right research then you can get some great value for your money when you bet on Nascar.

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