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High roller casinos are those that offer either the biggest high roller casino bonuses online or those that offer high limit betting such as $5K per hand. As you have probably already noticed, most other portals that talk about high roller casinos are talking out of their ass. Many do not take the time to provide a genuine high roller resource for players who enjoy betting high limits and this is where IgotGamble and company hope to differ from the rest.

First lest talk about high roller casino bonuses. There are many online sites that offer some sick sign up bonuses for new players. The problem is many of these casinos will dick you around when it comes to getting paid. So what we propose is to recommend high roller casinos who are financially sound so you can collect your winnings without fail everytime. So in summary we are going to list our recommendations for high roller casino bonuses so you can find comfort in knowing that your dealing with the cream of the crop. And remember your a big high roller player, you can always contact the casino prior to making the deposit as many will come up with a bonus that makes you happy depending on how much you come in for.

Next let us talk about high limit betting. The problem here is by default most of the casinos online only allow players to bet up to a couple hundred a hand. However there are definitely a few that offer high betting limits up to $5K a hand. See below for high roller casinos separated by bonus offers and betting limits.

Best High Roller Online Casino Featured Site
Best High Roller Casino Gambling At Club USA Casino
I have been a player with Club World for about 3 years now. Out of all the casinos I work closely with, Club World stands above the rest in terms of taking care of their high roller casino players. They have absolutely spoiled me with bonuses for the past 3 years. Every single weekend I have some kind of big match bonus offer in my email box, and if I don't play for a few weeks my special vip host throws a few bills in my account. I feel they are a good fit for those high roller players for the simple fact that they appreciate your action more than the next guy, and as such they want to keep their loyal players in pocket which is exactly what they do when every time you turn around you have a free high roller casino bonus offer starring you in the face. I have a great rapport with my Vip Host and she really goes out of her way to make me happy, but it was like this even before they knew I was an affiliate, so take it for what it's worth. Visit Club USA

High Roller Casino Bonuses

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High Limit Betting Casinos

Bet365 offers the highest betting limits that I have seen online at $5K per hand, and its also worth nothing that they offer a live dealer casino via webcam, so betting that kind of money I personally prefer to see the cards being dealth live rather than trying to beat a computer program. They use playtech software so they currently do not accept usa players, but if your from the UK you are probably very familiar with this site. They are one of the most trutsed legal betting sites in the UK and offer all your favorite sports betting as well as a popular online poker room all under the same betting account. If you want to play with one of the most trusted and honest high roller casinos, then consider Betonline.
High Limit Betting Bonus % Max Bet Software Ranking Review USA?

Another thing we consider when choosing which high roller casinos to recommend to our players is loyalty and vip service. I roll a little high myself, so I have an idea of what big players want after they give a ton of action to a particular site. What gets me is how many casinos nickel and dime players who have just dumped a boat load of cash. I can't tell you how many times I have had my nose open and gone off for $5K, $10K and some casinos who don't have a clue what the word retention means bumped me a lousy C-Note in light of my losses. Well I just wante to reiterate that the high roller casinos listed on this page is who I roll with when I gamble, and they all spoil me and treat me like a true vip which is what I expect.

One last thing I want to bring up is how you can count on me for support if any situations arise at any of the high roller casinos listed here. I really don't mess around at all when it comes to any casino dicking my players around. The only thing I can tell you is I do a fair amount of volume with all of these casinos, and the last thing they want to do is lose me as an affiliate. So I do have a little clout and I will definitely go to bat for you and help whenever I can. Just please adhere to all terms and conditions. My contact info is at the bottom of the page here.