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RTG Casino Software Review

RealTime Gaming is a most significant forerunner in online casino gambling that has held it's own through the peaks and valleys of the technological explosion within the gaming industry. Regardless of the many online gaming giants that have come onto the scene, RTG Casino Software remains a powerful contender for the "King of Hill" title. Founded in 1998, RTG is well respected for their technological contributions to online gambling. Undisputedly regarded as a leading developer of online gaming software solutions by both online casinos and game enthusiasts alike, RTG is widely recognized as a foundational force which gave credibility to the online gambling industry when it was just beginning to be taken seriously. RealTime Gaming is able to rightfully boast the most responsive and fast casino software on the market.

Along with frequent game releases, RTG Software is brimming with impressive features that set them apart from their competitors. Players have the option to use Flash to access their games of choice, or to download the casino games to their computer. With over 80 games to choose from, and downloads that take less than a minute to complete, it is not surprising that RTG software is a favorite among online gambling buffs. There are so many phenomenal features with RTG software, it's not difficult to find several compelling reasons to select them as your online gaming solution of choice. Online players always know that they are playing the most recent releases because each time a game is downloaded, the software automatically checks for updates to that particular game. Personal setting options allow players to tailor the game to their specifications by choosing from a variety of sounds and variable playing speeds which enable bettors to customize how fast cards are dealt. Mini-game applications facilitate gamers to play multiple games at once on small screen shot windows. RTG online gambling software provides direct links to the online cashier and the HELP function for assistance with game rules and access to live help. You can also claim any RTG Casino Bonus within the cashier software instantly by entering the bonus coupon or code.

We must not neglect to mention the feature that puts the "Real" in the name RealTime Gaming: graphics that are so technologically advanced that they mimic realistic casino gambling with near perfection. Designed with 32-bit 3D simulation and audio, players experience an entirely realistic interface unlike anything offered among online gambling software solutions. RTG paid attention to the fine details of real life casino gaming experiences and recreated it through virtual 3D graphics. They go so far as to employ physics algorithms to simulate the motion of real dice their craps games.

RTG casinos do not only focus on high-quality gaming solutions for players, but also provides for the often neglected business solutions of online gaming operations. RealTime Gaming is credited with developing the most powerful back-end management suite in the industry, giving operators control of the gaming business. Their detailed back-end interface allows online casino operators the ability to customize and monitor the player’s experience. This award winning software solution provides operators with fraud management controls, gaming server protection and transaction account monitoring applications, all simultaneously embedded in the software. Check out our RTG casino reviews for better insight into each of the RTG's we promote.

Despite their extraordinary gaming features, and their remarkable back-end management tools, there is one feature of RTG casino software that can send players running for the hills. RealTime Gaming takes a distanced position in regards to casino operators and how ethically they utilize RTG software. RTG online casinos do not require any type of license verification before authorizing a casino operator to use their software to power their gaming output. Hence, RTG ends up powering many rogue casinos which will take your money and run. Many RTG casinos are not licensed and players are warned to use extreme caution and do plenty of research when choosing an RTG casino. RealTime gaming will not assist players who have problems with one of their casinos.  They maintain that they are only the software provider and cannot control how their software is used. There are several sites which list known rogue casinos and offer warnings in regards to such. Unfortunately, this risk status of RTG software drives away many high stakes players and forces wary gaming enthusiasts to settle for a less impressive, but much safer online gaming experience.

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