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Gambling Dispute With a Tiny Country Puts U.S. in a Bind

There has recently been some real good news for those that like to gamble online. A representative from Massachusetts "Barney Frank" has recently introduced a new bill that would make an exemption to the ban for online gambling for properly licensed operators, which would allow people that live in the US to gamble legally.

This act would would establish a way for companies to accept wagers from US players as long as they follow local laws that will be set by individual states. These regulations that are set by each state will include a way to prevent underage gambling, problem gambling, fraud, and more. Should this bill pass, it will require the licensed online gamlbing sites to have preventive guards to help stop the same problems that caused this ban in the first place.

Underage gambling was one of the main reasons this bill passes in the first place, or at least that is what they would like for us to believe. This bill would likely put in place many different ways to prove the age and identity of a player before any gambling site can accept a wager. It could also make the internet gambling sites ask all players to provide various forms of identification such as utility bills.

Another part of this bill includes provisions to stop or hinder problem gamblers. In essence, part of this bill would require online casinos to set limits on amount that can be risked, number of transaction allowed in a set amount of time, and more.

Credit Card fraud is another problem that has always plagued the online gambling industry. If successful, this bill would facilitate ways to immediately refund credit card transactions that are successfully disputed.

If there are any individual states that decide that they do not want legalized online casino gambling in their respective state, they will have the ability to prohibit internet gambling under state law. One way a state could do this is by the banning of certain ip addresses which would automatically block access to and from a gambling site from those ip addresses within that state.

One other aspect of the bill would also allow for sports franchises or teams to be able to ban any form of sports betting on their team.

It is good to see that someone is fighting for the american right to gamble online. We all have a man from massachusetts named Rep. Barney Frank to thank for his efforts to regulate online casino gambling. It is still very early in the game, but at least at this juncture we have someone in our corner who is fighting for our rights as americans to do what we wish with our own hard earned money.