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Skill Game FAQ's

Here are a few frequently asked questions concerning online skill gaming. For questions specific to a gaming site's policies, you can check out their FAQ section, or contact them via live chat, email or phone.

  1. What is a skill game?
  2. Is playing skill games considered to be gambling?
  3. Where can I play skill games?
  4. How can I pay for playing skill games?
  5. Can I play skill games for free?
  6. Do I have to download any software to play skill games

What is a skill game?

A skill game is a game which requires some type of skill to win.  There are a wide selection of skill games, and these games can be used to sharpen skills, develop skills, or to just have fun.  Some examples are strategy games, arcade games, puzzle solving games, action games, card games, etc.  All of these types of games require either speed, excellent hand eye coordination, or higher level and critical thinking. Back To FAQ's

Is playing skill games considered to be gambling?

Well, it depends on where you play the game.  There are some fantastic online casinos that offer skill games, and playing at an online casino does place the skill game in the online gambling category, although the outcome relies upon skill and not chance, the location of the game ties it to gambling.  There are also independent skill game sites in which players pay an entrance fee to compete for prizes and cash payouts.  Playing skill games at these kinds of sites is not considered to be gambling, and is often available to players of all ages.  Back To FAQ's.

Where can I play skill games?

The two main gaming genres that include skill games are online casinos and betting sites, and independent skill game sites.  We have provided a section on skill game sites to assist you in finding a trusted, reputable and exciting online skill game experience.  We have included options for casino gambling skill gaming, and also sites for playing skill games which are non-gambling related.  Back To FAQ's.

How can I pay for playing skill games?

Each skill game site has a list of online payment solutions which can be used to fund your gaming account.  The selection of payment options varies by skill game site.  Common option include, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, JCB, Paypal, NETeller, Moneybookers, Wire Transfers, and other various e-wallets, credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, and bank transfer options.  Back To FAQ's.

Can I play skill games for free?

Yes.  Both online casinos and skill game sites offer free play options, often with unlimited free play capacity.  Back To FAQ's.

Do I have to download any software to play skill games?

There are some situations in which a download is required.  Most online casinos want you to download their software to play their games, and some skill games on skill game sites require downloading.  In most cases the downloads are not huge and do not take up too much space on your computer, depending on how much you indulge in skill games.  If you play a lot of different games that require downloading, you may want to consider rotating them out. Most skill games are also available in Flash version also.   Back To FAQ's.