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Skill Versus Chance

Online Skill Games are different than most games found in online casinos for one primary reason, and that reason is the fact that the outcome of the game is determined by a player's skill, and not by chance.  Most casino gambling is pure chance, whereas playing skill games require a player's skill to contribute to the outcome of the game.  This is what sets skill games apart from other online gambling venues. 

Skill games are so popular, that there is a whole genre of independent, non-gambling related skill game sites out there that offer hundreds, sometimes even thousands of games to play.  Most offer unlimited free play, and once you feel your skill is all that and a bag of chips, you can join the competitive ranks and win some money.  Most skill games for money are played tournament style, with players paying an entrance fee to compete, and winners earning prizes and cash payouts. There are download and flash versions of skill games.  

Most online casinos offer at least a few of these online skill games, and many of those casinos accept USA players.  In most cases, many table games, including poker variations and other card games are considered to be games of skill, and most online casinos offer quite a nice selection of these types of games. 

They also often offer some puzzle and strategy games, but don't always call them skill games. So even if a casino doesn't have a designated 'skill game' section, they more than likely have some skill games in their repertoire, with some online casinos even offering Free Skill Games Online.  While most free play options do not provide opportunities for you to win money, they are a sensational option for learning skill games, trying out new strategies, and testing a new online casino without risking any of your own money. 

Free Skill Games at the non-gambling skill game sites however do often let you redeem playing points for cash to enter various tournaments and competitions, hence free play can be more rewarding in this environment.  These extraordinary skill game sites are always free to join, and allow you to become a part of a community of skill game enthusiasts who sometimes even become your friends.  Its a very social and exciting gaming venue to say the least. 

Both real money and free play skill games offer a wide selection of gaming categories, all pulling from different types of skill, such as board games, action games, adventure games, timing games, parking games, dress up games, classic games, run defense games, fighting, shooting and escaping games, racing games, arcard games, games where you find hidden elements, kids games....the list is pretty limitless. No matter what your gaming fancy is, there is a skill game to match out there!

The skill game sites featured here have been viewed, played at, tested, and rated, and have been found to be exceptional!!

As most of you know, the longer you stick with a casino game, the more likely it is that the casino will pay out less and less to you as the odds say that over time, the house has the advantage.  Whereas Online Skill Games require some skill, the more you play these, the better you will become at the game or games that you are playing, hence sticking with them and playing them over a longer period of time gives you, the player, the advantage!! 

For those who enjoy it and can stick with it, the skill versus chance scenario can definitely work to your advantage and increase those wins.  No longer will your bankroll be left to pure chance, but can now be sprinkled with enough skill games to keep things predictably in your favor.  As your skills get sharper and sharper, you will be able to play with the big boys and really get into some higher payout situations. 

Poker is probably the most commonly played casino skill game, and as you know, there are players who have become so skilled in this game it is now their profession.  Virtually any Online Skill Games can lead you to life changing revenue over time. 

Both at the gambling and non-gambling skill games sites, there is big money to be won.  The only limits to your winnings lie with your commitment to be the best. Now show me the skill, and they'll show you the money!! 

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