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The whole world is getting in on lottery action, and the super Canada Lottery is no exception.  Canada actually has a whole network of lottery games that they offer to the Canadian population.  From among these, the riveting Canadian Lottery game that has made it to the online gambling scene is the Lotto 649, an exciting national lottery game that is now accessible by lottery enthusiasts from all over the world!!

Canada's exciting lotto game reaches jackpot figure exceeding $50 million, with the lowest winning jackpot winning figure at $3.5 million, and is played twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday.  To get started, players pick six numbers from pools of numbers between 1 and 49.  To win this Canada Lotto game, all six of your numbers must match the numbers that come up in the draw.  There is a bonus number drawn which applies to the prizes in the lower tiers of the game which actually gives great odds for becoming the winner of a prize of some kind, a free ticket at the least. 

We are in the process of creating a valuable list of online lottery sites and reviews that can provide you with the opportunity to purchase Lotto 649 Tickets and participate in this extraordinary gaming experience.  The online lottery sites that we promote are impeccably secure, exceptional thrilling, and deliver a sensational online lottery gambling extravaganza. 

You'll have access to multiple lottery venues from every region in the world that they are played, offering you an opportunity to purchase online lottery tickets for any of the lottery games around the world, or all of them if you so choose!!

You can learn more about playing the lottery online with our Lottery FAQ's page.  We also have a page dedicated to each of the major lottery groups, including USA Lottery Online, UK Lottery Online, OZ Lottery Online, and Europe Lottery Online.  You'll find everything you need to jump into the game feet first and start off running!!

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