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Online Lottery action has become the hottest new online gambling site trend around, and it is sweeping the globe like wildfire.  The lottery industry has taken on a life of its own, and we're not about to miss out on all the excitement.  Our online lottery portal will provide you with access to the most trusted and reputable lottery agents and lottery syndicates, delivering the best chances at winning one of the enormous lottery jackpots from around the world. 

Players who want to Play Lottery Online will be able to choose from lotteries in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and more!! The days of having to go in person to purchase your lottery ticket are over, thereby giving you access to the global lottery market.  We feature the best lottery agents who have an entire team of lottery experts who are committed to getting your winning ticket for you, and helping you get that much closer to a life changing jackpot moment!!

For those skeptical about the legitimacy of Lottery On Line, we want to reassure you that we only promote the best in the business, those who have been thoroughly investigated, tried out, tested, and analyzed, with a proven record of high quality and excellence in all capacities of their services.  All of the lottery agents and lottery syndicates you find here will deliver precisely what you ask for.  And since you get to pick your own numbers ahead of time, it will be easy for you to monitor the outcome yourself.

The lottery web sites that we put you in contact with actually serve mainly as a messenger service.  They take the numbers that you pick, purchase the number of tickets that you designate, and then scan the tickets in and send the scan to you, while securely locking up your ticket for safe keeping. They provide you with lottery results, your number pick history, and other meaningful account management options.

Purchasing Online Lottery Tickets has become an exciting way to get into the game for millions of lottery enthusiasts world wide, and has become an incredibly successful e-commerce industry.  If you have dreams of winning the lottery, quitting your job and moving to paradise, then Online Lottery is a great consideration for you!!  If you stick to the online lottery sites that we feature here, then you run no risk of falling prey to one of the  malicious lottery scams, which I'm sad to say are circulating all too frequently. 

Our featured lottery venues are USA Lottery Online, UK Lottery Online, Europe Lottery Online, OZ Lottery Online, and the Canadian Lottery Online.  These pages provide online lottery site reviews, an overview of the associated lottery programs for each of those regions, and some 'how to' information to help you in getting started.  Our Lottery FAQ's page will answer some of the common questions surrounding the programs that allow you to Play Lottery Online

There are two particular types of lottery sites that we feature for your online lottery gaming pleasure:  lottery agents, and lottery syndicates.  The main difference is that a lottery agent purchases the lottery tickets that you order online, and once that transaction is completed, you have no additional financial obligation to the agent.  You also are not in an agreement to share your winnings with any other players.

A syndicate program is more of a subscription in which you join other lottery players, with increased purchase power, and you go in as a group to win the lottery.  Your chances at winning are dramatically increased, however you are in an agreement to share the winnings with the other members of the syndicate.  Your subscription is ongoing, with most syndicate sites offering a minimum of a one month subscription.  Playing the Lottery On Line offers an element of excitement that allows lottery action to take on a whole new life. 

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