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The Europe Lottery Online is probably one of the most active lottery games in the world.  Lotteries from more than 9 countries in Europe participate, and thanks to online lottery gambling, anyone in the world can buy tickets and go after that enormous jackpot!! 

With this explosion in popularity of playing the lottery online, we wouldn't be surprised if the various lottery games gain enough momentum to rival other online gambling action.  We do know for sure that every week more and more players from around the world get involved thanks to online access to these exciting lottery games.

While there are several lotto games sprinkled throughout Europe, the main lottery game that has everyone all giddy is the Euro Millions lottery game.  It is the largest European lottery game in existence, with the highest jackpot to date topping out at $183 million.  The drawing is held weekly on Friday nights, a highly anticipated moment each week! 

To play this exciting Euro Lottery, players choose 5 numbers between 1 - 50, as well as two lucky star numbers between 1 - 9.  To win the jackpot, which is at minimum $15 million, players must match the five main numbers, as well as the two lucky star numbers to the numbers which are selected in the drawing for that week. 

Winning the EuroMillions lottery game would undoubtedly be a life changing moment that puts all your life long dreams at your fingertips.  There are a number of prizes offered in the EuroMillions lotto, and the odds of winning a prize of some type is 1 in 24.  Not bad really. 

Online Lottery Tickets for the game can be purchased at any of the online lottery sites featured here on our site.  We are in the process of compiling a comprehensive review and access to some phenomenal lottery sites, each of which we are currently negotiating some sensational discounts, bonuses, and promotions for our visitors. 

Once we have completed our negotiations, we will post this valuable information here to offer you the best that online lottery action has to offer.  Each of the sites we feature allows you to choose your own Euro Lotto Numbers or take advantage of the quick pick option.

There are several other European lotteries that are worth checking out. The online lottery sites which we feature here offer access to some of the best of them! For more information about online lottery gaming, check out our Lottery FAQ's section also, as well as these other regional pages: USA Lottery Online, UK Lottery Online, OZ Lottery Online, and the Canadian Lottery Online.

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