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There are two major US Lotteries in the USA:  Mega Millions and Powerball.  These two lotteries offer huge jackpots, and lots of fun.  Until online lottery action, only USA players, or foreign visitors who happened to be here during a drawing could play these sensational lottery games.  Now, thanks to technological advancements, anyone anywhere in the world can play these lotteries with the click of a few buttons on their keyboard, and lottery games are now keeping pace with other online gambling venues. 

We'll start with the Mega Millions USA Lottery.  It is a multi state lottery, with mega jackpots, often paying out in the hundreds of millions, sometimes to only one winner.  This lottery has one of the biggest rollovers seen in lottery games, partially because its not really an easy game to win.  Players must select 6 numbers.  5 numbers are chosen from a pool of numbers 1-56, and the last number is chosen from a pool of numbers 1-46. 

This game is very popular also because even if you are not picking the winning numbers, you still have a chance to win fantastic cash prizes for the lower tier success.  The drawings for Mega Millions are held every Tuesday and Friday, in Atlanta, GA. 

The second amazing US Lottery game option is the Powerball.  This lottery game does not boast quite as large jackpots, but when we're talking millions, nobody is being choosy. This game is extremely popular because there are actually 9 ways to win, and the overall odds of winning a prize in this game are 1 in 35, which is incredible for a lottery game.  The object of the game is to select the first five white balls from numbers 1-59, and then to select the one red ball from numbers 1-39.  The jackpot winner will have chosen all 6 balls correctly.  The first 5 white balls do not have to be in any particular order. Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday. 

The two USA Lotteries are extremely popular all over the globe, with international players joining in from all over.  Online access has made international lottery play possible, and it has become quite the growing trend.  We are in the process of compiling reviews and negotiating exclusive discounts and offers from the absolute best online lottery sites which are selling USA Lottery Tickets.  We will only feature the absolute best lottery agents and syndicates on our site to ensure that your online lottery experience is nothing short of phenomenal. 

Once our reviews are posted, and access to our featured online lottery sites is listed, you simply need to choose a lottery site, click the 'buy tickets now' button, and follow the prompts which guide you through the very quick and simple purchasing process.  Once your purchase is completed, a lottery agent will go to a retail location in the United States and actually purchase your lottery ticket in your name and on your behalf. A scanned image of your ticket will be sent to you via email.

The only thing left to do is cross those fingers and toes, and hope your numbers are called!! Learn more from our Lottery FAQ's page.

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