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When playing the Oz Lotto, you are participating in the Australian national lottery.  With jackpots always in the $millions, it is no wonder that this lottery sensation has become so extremely popular throughout the world.  World wide participation is made possible via online lottery gambling options, which allow players to purchase online lottery tickets through authorized lottery sites, who do the leg work for you once you purchase your tickets online.  Online gambling options have allowed lottery games all around the globe to take on a new life. 

To play the Australian Lottery, players will select 7 numbers between between 1 and 45. If the numbers you select are drawn, you win the jackpot!!  In addition to winning the Oz Lotto, players have six other chances to win a prize as well.  9 numbers are actually drawn, with the first seven counting towards a jackpot win.  The last two are supplemental numbers which apply to prize tiers 2-7.  The OZ Lottery drawing occurs every Tuesday night at 8:30 pm (AEST). 

We are currently in the process of completing negotiations with several remarkable online lottery sites that allow you to purchase tickets for the Lottery Australian.  We go to great effort to attempt to secure exclusive discounts, bonuses, and promotional offers for our visitors.  Upon the completion of our negotiations, we will be presenting comprehensive reviews of each of our featured online lottery sites, which have undergone extensive testing, analysis, and investigation by our team of experts.  We will only be providing you with the best of the best, to ensure that your online lottery gaming experience is phenomenal in every way.

You can learn more about the process of purchasing online lottery tickets for the Oz Lotto and many other lottery games with our Lottery FAQ's section.  You can also review information about other regional games, including USA Lottery Online, UK Lottery Online, Europe Lottery Online, and Canadian Lottery Online.

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