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e-Lottery Review

Join the e-Lottery Syndicate and increase your chances of winning!!

e-Lottery Short Review

e-Lottery is an online lottery syndicate which provides access to international lotteries for anybody in the world.  The term 'strength in numbers' is very applicable in the e-Lottery Syndicate, as you join other players for increased purchasing power and hence increasing your chances of winning by up to over 700% in some cases.  The e-Lottery Syndicate is the #1 online lottery syndicate in the world, offering exceptionally professional service, and providing reliable opportunities with increased possibility for you to win one of the European Superdraw jackpots!!   e-Lottery does not accept USA players at this time.  Visit e-Lottery.

e-Lottery Promotions

e-Lottery has developed the now famous Golden Ticket rewards program.  Lottery participants are given free Golden Tickets for each syndicate they join.  The more syndicates that you play in, the more Golden Tickets you receive.  Every four weeks e-Lottery holds their own draw, in which participants can win cars, big screen TVs, gaming systems, vacations, and much more.  All the Golden Tickets you accumulate for that four week period are eligible for the upcoming Golden Ticket drawing.  You also have the option of trading your prize for cash if you so choose,  When you play at e-Lottery, you can win sensational prizes AND the Lottery!!! Visit e-Lottery.

e-Lottery Jackpot Lotteries

e-Lottery features three exciting lottery events that players can buy into: UK Lotto, EuroMillions, and the Spanish Lottery.  The UK Lotto is drawn twice a week, the EuroMillions draw is once a week, and the Spanish Lottery is drawn twice a week. e-Lottery gives people an opportunity to play in these lotteries without having purchase the tickets themselves in person, which most of us could not do. Instead the e-Lottery staff purchases the tickets for you.  Visit e-Lottery.

e-Lottery Syndicate Subscription Options

You may join as many syndicates as you want at e-Lottery.  There are individual syndicates for each of the three lotteries that e-Lottery participates in.  Once you determine which syndicates you want to join, you can then decide which payment schedule you would like to use to pay for your membership.  Your options are:  weekly, every 4 weeks, bi-annually, or annually.  Visit e-Lottery.

e-Lottery Ticket Purchase Process

You will pay for your tickets online at the e-Lottery website.  Once you pay for them, a representative will purchase the tickets for your syndicate.  When selecting your syndicate, you will be able to view their lottery numbers prior to making your purchase if you would like to.  To make your purchase, you go to the 'Play Now' section of the e-Lottery website and proceed with selecting the syndicates you would like to be a part of.  You then can select your payment preferences, and then proceed to the checkout, where you will enter your personal information and then pay for your subscription.  Visit e-Lottery.

e-Lottery Support And Contact Information

e-Lottery has customer support professionals on hand to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues which may arise.  They are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm GMT.  They can be reached by phone or by email.

Phone:  +44 (0O845-400-6927

Visit e-Lottery.

e-Lottery Deposits And Withdrawal Information

e-Lottery accepts the following Payment Method options:  Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Solo Card, EntroPay, Click2Pay, and Moneybookers. Visit e-Lottery.

Learn more about playing the lottery online with our Lottery FAQ section and our page explaining Lottery Tickets Online.

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